Quick and easy ways to clean artificial plants

Artificial plants sure do make a home feel classy and cozy. When the dust starts to collect on the leaves though, they tend to loose their real look. Cleaning each individual leaf is time consuming and not much fun. Here are a few simple ways to get your plants looking brand new again.

  • Wet Method 1: Take your silk plant or tree and simply rinse the leaves off in the shower with cold water.  Put the shower head on gentle and try to avoid getting the basket or pot wet. Warm or hot water will ruin the glue so cold water is recommended. Give the plant a little shake and then just let it air dry.
  • Wet Method 2: Take your plant outside on a cool day and hose it off with the garden hose, then let air dry.
  • Dry Method 1: Use an air compressor or a compressed air can and spray the plant. We recommend doing this outside to prevent the rest of your home from getting dusty.
  • Dry Method 2: For smaller silk plants add about one cup of salt to a paper bag, put the plant in the bag and give it a shake. Before removing shake off all the salt. More

Most of these methods will work for most plants, however if there is an excessive amount of dust and dirt on your plant these methods may not work. To remove a heavy layer of dust a cloth and some water may be your best best. Wash every leaf and let dry.

Happy Cleaning!

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