Organic Pest Control Made From Onion Scraps

Our vegetable garden is starting to blossom and the bugs are discovering our goods. I read an interesting article about using onion and garlic scraps to make an organic pest control. We try to use all organic substances in our garden and I will be giving this a try soon. I will post an update in the next few weeks.

Basically to make the organic pest control collect all of your onion scraps and keep in your fridge until you have a Tupperware container full. Simply add water once full and let the onion soak for a few day or up to a week. Place in the sun to help the onions steep. Then strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spray on your plants. Bugs do not like the smell of onion or garlic and will deter them from munching on those tasty veggies. The onion scraps can then be buried by plants to help keep the bugs away.

I am excited to try this method and will give an update soon.

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