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Simple tips for cleaning a stove top

In most households the stove top gets used at least a few times a week. Food stains are quit difficult to completely get off of a stove top, however I have discovered a great product that always gets my stove top looking brand new. Bar Keepers Friend works fantastic and is fairly inexpensive for the amount of the product you get. I like using the Bar Keepers Friend powder. For tough stains, pour the powder on a wet cloth or sponge, form into a thick past and rub on the stove top. After scrubbing the stove top, wash out the cloth and wipe off the rest of the paste using the rinsed cloth. I have a black stove top and find that drying with a paper towel eliminates most streaks.

Bar Keepers friend has cleaned up all of my stove top messes. I have over boiled gravy and made a huge mess on my stove, but Bar Keepers took it right off. When this happens, use a sponge or cloth to get off the bulk of the food before it burns. Then just let the burner cool. After the burner is cool use Bar Keepers friend to remove the rest of the stain.

Bar Keepers friend can also be used for many other household items such as porcelain, stainless steel, grout, ceramic tile, plastic, and  chrome.


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